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Quotes from readers:

“If you like your hope served up in curly letters with hearts floating around them, Letters from the Ledge is not for you. I confess, I squirmed and cringed more times than I bothered to count, but not because the writing was sloppy, the characters shallow, or the plot full of holes. On the contrary. It was Lynda’s skill — not the lack of it — that pulled me out of my comfort zone.”

– Jeanne Damoff, Author Parting the Waters, Finding Beauty in Brokenness

“You told me about your book and handed me a bookmark with the title. You asked that I give you feedback, good or bad. I don’t remember a warning label saying: “may be addictive” or “you just might cry” while reading this book; it is addicting and I did cry, a couple of times. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. Parts of this made me feel raw and exposed and wanting to mother or befriend and other parts made me so angry. Thank you for this amazing read and thank you to the angels that helped you to see it!”

– Jodie, reader

“Lynda Meyers seems to write messed up dreamers as easily as falling off a ledge. The chronicle of a suicidal teen’s survival, Letters from the Ledge illuminates four strangers’ lives unexpectedly intersecting, and discovering their inner storms of private pain are not so uncommon. Building just beneath the surface, their isolation sparks intense fires–but what happens when those who need love the most can’t accept it? What will finally bring them out of hiding? This is a novel, but it isn’t fiction. I found hope in these poignant letters of tragic beauty, and somehow felt found myself.”

– Mick Silva, Editor


“Letters from the Ledge is a fascinating read, I highly recommend it! A sophisticated plot with engaging characters and a story that captures your heart. The author, Lynda Meyers is a true wordsmith. After reading Letters from the Ledge you’ll want to read everything she writes. Do yourself a favor and check our her latest work “Truly” posted on her appropriately named blog http://writeonedge.blogspot.com/ you will not be disappointed!!”

– Tom, Amazon Reviewer


“If you are looking for a good read in the New Year, this blossoming author has provided it. It’s fresh, real, captivating, romantic and yes, Edgy!

The back stories are raw and the language is authentic. The theory of six degrees of separation comes to life as a “ledge walker, window watcher and fire escape sitter” take to the night skies high above Midtown Manhattan. You will find yourself immersed in the lives of these characters, maybe even identifying with parts of them, making it easy to turn the page and nearly impossible to put down.

For me, it was a journey through the souls of these characters in self-discovery and healing. As the Dalai Lama put it, “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

– Jo, Amazon Reviewer


Letters from the Ledge is a wonderful, captivating novel. Lynda’s skilled writing and compelling storytelling had me hooked from page one. The characters are real, honest and raw. I found myself identifying with their triumphs, pains, longings and fears. Letters from the Ledge will challenge you, change your way of looking at those around you, and ultimately leave you examining your own desire, your own need, to leap and to fly. I have and will recommend this book to friends of all ages!”

– Danielle, Amazon Reviewer


“Brendan and Paige became my friends and I began to love the people that they loved and despise the people that caused them pain… at some point while reading this you realize that you know these characters by different names, maybe even your own.”

  – Priscilla, Barnes and Noble Reviewer


“This book has a fascinating and beautiful story line. I want it to be a trilogy… Left me wanting more of Nate’s story and Brendan’s story.” 

– Marcy, reader


“Absolutely loved this book! I finished reading it in just a few days because I could not put the book down; you can’t help but get hooked immediately. It was interesting how each character had their own individual struggles and unique lifestyles and they somehow become intertwined as the plot continued to evolve. You find yourself relating to certain characters and feeling sympathetic at the same time. I found myself becoming deeply involved with the characters and hoping they could overcome the challenges in their lives for the better. This was an excellent read!!”

– Alys, Barnes and Noble Reviewer


“The author has an uncanny insight to how struggling teens and adults think and act. What makes us do the things we do. The great part is these chains can be broken and life does get better. A great read I couldn’t put it down.

This is not a “Chick Book”. It cuts and cuts deep. But I emerged from the other side a better and more understanding person. A good read and well written Mrs. Meyers. Kudos to you lets see some more ’cause I’m all in. “